Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hi there!
As you guys might have guessed, this rig is more or less discontinued.
I thought about creating an updated version of it, but actually, Eleven in its current state would not be able to compete with newer free rigs like Malcolm, and building a whole new version of it might take a lot more time than I can afford to give.

The Maya rig is still downloadable, but I cannot guarantee that it will still work with maya versions newer than Maya 2014.
I am pretty sure though, that it will crash Maya if you try to use it with parallel evaluation in the newest Maya versions.

The 3Ds MAX and the Motion Builder versions have become unavailable, so is the GUI for the maya version.

Thank you all for your support and nice words over the course of the last TEN years, and as soon as I can carve out some time to upgrade it, you'll be the very first to know!



Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A re-build Eleven Rig 3ds Max

There's a new development going on. The Eleven Rig for 3ds Max is in a rebuild state and it is still not done yet. It was time to keep you all up to date and to give a sneak peak of what's going on. The rig is in version alpha 2.4. The rig is completely build up from scratch (with mesh straight out Maya) and we attend to copy all the specific properties from Maya to 3ds Max. So that the animators experience would be the same in Maya as in 3ds Max.
What can you do:
  • You can configure the rig at the baseplate. Through the modifierpanel you can adjust the settings like Girl/Boy, Fat/Thin/ Sporty, etc. Also a subdivision control is put in there, to control all the geometry's subdivions.
  • You can play with the feet. Al poses are accessible through the modifierpanel.
  • A Stretch in the legs is defined. Please try it out.
  • The hands have poses. The right hand still need to have some settings, but try the left hand!
What would be possible in the near future:
  • IK/FK Switch
  • Link switches, to link hands on what so ever.
  • Head controls
  • All other Maya functionality that I did not see yet or didn't mentioned
Download the latest version:
Eleven Rig for 3ds Max version alpha 2.4

Monday, April 15, 2013

The "May I use this rig for my project?" question

Hi all!
I found this question popping up again and again, so I'd probably just create a post answering it eventually.

First off, this rig is open source (if one can call a character rig that), so you are allowed to do everything you want with it, which includes any change to the rig, or its appearance, porting it to other software packs, and using it for commercial work.

However, please respect that many creative people poured efforts into the project. In return, they welcome respect for their time.

So please, if you're using it for your own project, which is very fine if you do, credit the community for it. We'd also like to see what Eleven has been up to. Post your efforts on the forum or the official Eleven Rig facebook page for us all to marvel at.

We understand that you can't roll extensive credits on a commercial project, so, in exchange of saving a lot of money for not having to create a fully rigged character, you should ideally give some of the enhancements you might have made on the rig back to the community, but at least agree that you NEVER solely credit yourself (and charge money) for anything on this rig that is not 100% your own work.

We must also ask you to refrain from using the rig for any of the following:

- any content which is is pornographic, sexually explicit, lewd, obscene, or excessively violent (everything that goes past cartoon violence, basically)
- promotes or condones illegal activities,
- incites hate or violence against an ethnic, religious, or protected group
- political or religious statements of any kind.

The last is a bit mushy, I do understand that, but if the animation you create is fit to make someone angry, it's something we don't like the Eleven Rig to be a part of. Even if you don't like the person you're making angry.

Thanks for understanding, and keep on animating!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Motion builder Version online

Hi all!

I was pretty surprised to find that Antonin Delboy created a motion builder version of eleven! 

He asked us to test it and give Feedback for to him, so if someone with experience in Motion Builder has some spare time, I'm very sure he'd appreciate. 

I added the rig to the download list as a first beta version.

Thanks Antonin!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blender Version 1.3 relesed!

Hi all!

Just in time for Christmas, Pascal released the new version 1.3 for Blender!

You can read the bugfixes in the changelog post to the left of this one.

Thank you Pascal!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Awesome, again!

Now our friend, Pascal Gabus, made a version of the Elevenrig for Blender! The download link can be found on the right side as well!


Our friend, Chris Donnelly, made a version of Eleven for 3Ds Max! See and click the download link to the right! Yay!