Hi all!
If you want to post a new bug, please leave a comment at the bugtacker. I'll put the bugs on this page. Alternative you can leave a message at the 11 Second Club forum.

-make nicer shapes so the inflatable lips work better with lips roll shapes
-look for the eyebrows that seem to come off the skin at the angry shape
-look at the deformation in the crouch at extreme leg positions
-resolve gimbal issue with FK arms when set to global space
-set pelvis, head and IK feet rotation order to zxy to avoid gimbal lock
-change new mouth corner thingies to work with maya 2009
-set eleven body's primary render visibility to on!
-eyebrows and mustache move into the face when the rig is scaled up really big
-line up eye controller pivot with the eye's pivot, so the rotation lines up.
-find out what happens to the right eye, eyebrow and ear when turning on Sreen Spaced Ambient Occlusion
-adjust body texture so it works with smooth

if you, by any chance experience that the IK handles don't move the arms, you probably use Maya 2012. Upgrading to service pack 2 (freely downloadable on the autodesk site) should get rid of this problem.

Furthermore, it seems that the stepped preview mode in Maya 2013 (not to be confused with stepped keys) is causing the rig to deform in a very peculiar way.  Turning the stepped preview mode off and reloading the scene seems to fix that problem.

-Add proxy mode with the possibility of hiding separate body parts
-add an object space for the elbows
-moveable hairline (inc.brow furrow to retain volume)
-scaleable feet
-IK/FK switch

-add 2012 motion trails and see if the rig still works with them in 2009

-make the rig work in Maya 2015