Changelogs for the Blender Version

Version 1.1
- Bend controllers for both arms and legs.
- Ik / Fk snapping.
- Arms in FK Mode fixed.

Version 1.3
- Ribbon spine
- New shoulders controllers
- New eyelids controllers
- Character now scalable
- And I fixed all bugs I known !


  1. Hi, first of all, amazing rig for Blender! Really impressive!
    I made some changes in the Eleven Rig Blender version, small features missing from the Maya version,and I would like to contact Pascal to check it.

    - Hair display fixed - no more displaying 2 hairs at >2. Driver: no more using Expression, using a keyed curve (imho, easier to maintain or add new hair to the rig).
    - Added Head Stretch + UI Volume Preservation
    - Added Nose Flare L R

    my TODO
    - lip bones
    - Breast controllers + UI
    - stretchy neck
    - How to get the same maya feel for the Torso controller? May be a set of Copy Rotation/offset? I need to check it.

    here is the file:
    Rename, change or ignore as you wish. ;)


    1. Hi!
      This is great! I think you can contact Pacal best if you click on his name (Kiopaa) to the left. Don't know how often he checks in here :)

  2. Hi Moraes,
    Yes, this is great.
    - The Nose Flare was something missing, great you made the shapekeys. Perhaps you can exagerate more the flare.
    - HeadStretch works great. Did you see Malcom rig ? I would like to add something like this on Eleven, I work on it at this moment.
    - The hairs I prefer for Eleven are the two hairs together !! it's the reason why I enable this possibility !!

    Could you send me your file, when you will make the breast controllers and the stretchy neck ?

    Thank you

  3. Yes, I will send you. btw, here is my email: moraesjunior AT gmail DOT com.
    We could host this at, to manage and versioning. Would be easier to work on it. And TortoiseHg is pretty easy to use.

    About the changes:
    - I thought the same about nose flare after a while. I will exagerate it;
    - I will make the hair #3 be a mix of both. Pretty easy;

    Contact me, add me at Gtalk so we can talk more about it. Even to open a TeamViewer session to discuss some ideas. :)


  4. maybe someone could make a global scale for 11Rig, i tried to scale it, in object mode, but goes wacky. i need two rigs but one smaller(1/4)... and i thought why not make two instances(linked), same rig, but...

  5. [solved]
    -for the head-(posemode) bone proprieties uncheck inherit scale
    -for the right shoulder-(posemode) go in the armature tab and unhide the layer that hides bones(second box- 8th layer) and for the HNG_Arm.L - go into constraints tab and close the eye for the "Folow" constraint - on the other arm is unchecked :)
    now you can scale up!
    -if you want to scale down you have to also go into neck controler and close the eye for the "Not Folow" constraint

    hope someone will fix this to

  6. Sorry for the question, but how you can have 2 or more elven rigs into one blender scene?

    1. With me being a maya user and the only one who looks at these comments regularly, I'm guessing, this would be better answered on a blender forum. Sorry!

  7. Hi Miguel,

    if you want to have 2 eleven rigs into one scene, do this :

    - Copy the blendfile with the rig. You will have two files : 'rig1.blend' and the copy 'rig2.blend'.
    - Open 'rig2.blend' and change the name of the group of the character (panel Properties > Object), name it 'Eleven2' instead of 'Eleven'.
    - Create a new blendfile for your shot : 'scene.blend' and link the two groups 'Eleven' and 'Eleven2' into it.

    1. Hello Miguel,
      I did the way you guided but i am missing the rig control curves
      please guide me

    2. If i link two groups, i just can find the geometry not the armature or the control curve

  8. hey, in eleven rig 1.3 the eyebrows do not follow the head correctly while the head rotates, i dont know how to fix this so i though i would report it here. thank you! :)

  9. Fantastic job for this rig (1.3) becomming one of my favorite in blender !
    Here are some comments...
    I confirm : The eye controler doesn't follow the head Z rotation.

    To improve :
    -the hands controls aren't easy to use (just try to make a fist)... couldn't we have something similar to the traditionnal blender autorig with rotating and scaling the finger controlers to rotate all fingers in 2 clics ?
    -teeth control doesn't rotate.
    -more amplitude on the eyebrows would be nice (to make him more angry)
    -more controls on the eyelids ?
    -generaly unlock the grab/scale could help on some cases (chest, shoulder, fingers ?)

    But sincerly ... great job ! Appart from the fingers, this rig is really clean, simple and fast.

  10. Hi there!!! Amazing rig, thanks to Paskal!!!
    Little question - how about gender change?

  11. I want to donwload the eleven rig ver 1.1 since the 1.3 version is entirely different to the other version. Also the 1.3 version has a very weird mesh movement whet you try to smoothly switch between fk and ik for the arms. the Hand changes faster than the arms resulting in the hand making a weird zig zag twist.

  12. I Can't seem to find the tongue controls for phonemes... I see the control shapes and the tongue has some vertex groups on it for a few common sounds but no shape keys. Just some minor rotation.

    Anyone have any input. I think, with the little bit of rotation it already has, if I add one more driver to the tip I'll be able to make him stick out his tongue and achieve the requisites for speech, but if the control is already there I'd rather not...

    1. PS: Amazing work, Paskal. This is a great rig...

  13. Somebody knows how to link two Elevens at same time?

  14. Hi, excellent rig for Blender. I found an Issue wich is that when i close the program and reopen the file, the animation done for the feet (roll, toes, etc) disappear. Besides the eyelid controls doesn't work. How can this be solved

  15. Can I have a link for the rig?

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  17. Please help me... Does anyone know how to download at least on of the versions? I really want to download the 11rig but the computer or the program won't let me. Is there an application I need to download to my computer?

    1. If you're using blender ( ) it should just work if you go to open it within the software. The version I'm running (2.79) worked just fine

    2. Also make sure you click 'reload trusted' on the top bar since this rig has drivers.