Changelogs for the Maya Version

-eye rotation bug fixed
-mouth corner tweakers
-leg joints made unselectable

-buff body shape
-skinny body shape
-fat body shape
-changeable eye colors
-changeable skin color

-elbow and knee pole vector joint rotation axis is not matching.
-Add proxy mode
-Change the rotation Order due to Gimbal lock
-odd rotation behavior on FK lower arms
-female hair doesn't show in reflection?
-clenchable jaw muscles
-adams apple incl. chin swell
-nose flare
-twist attributes for the IK limbs incl. toggleable polevectors
-toggleable volume preservation for the torso and for the limbs
-eye deformer
-cranked up the facial shapes, so you can go even more extreme

- Moved all the Eyelid Controls to the eye socket controls
- Added Pupil scale
- Reordered the female breast controls so that they now follow the IK torso ctrl
- added eyes and ears to the head smooth attr
- included volume preservation to the strechy arms
- fixed the bug that the arm deform controls scale the FK arm controllers
- in the rare event that the eyes look straight up or down and the lids are closed, the eyes might crash through the eyelids. This happens, because the eyes are not spherical. In order to avoid that, I added a crash-correcter to the eye control with which the eyes simply get scaled down a tiny bit. Make sure to scale them up again before opening the eyelids.

Beta v3.2a:
- added tongue control
Beta v3.2:
- fixed Bug that the Eyebrows and lashes didn't follow the face if set to a higher resolution

Beta v3.1:
- added resolution Attributes on Main Controller and Face Controller
- regrouped the Blendshapes that can be deleted if not needed

Beta v3.0:
Here are the bug fixes and changes:
- Added Hand scale attribute
- FK Arm controler scale with the Stretch attr (to some extend, at least)
- Eyes Ctrl World/Head aim switch
- New Eye Ctrl on the head
- Brows can now move inward and outward
- Mouth narrow shape is stronger
- New lip roll attribute on the mouth ctrl (to be used with caution, its not that beautiful yet, I'm still working on that)
- Render f**kup on the eyes fixed
- Speed improvement because now the computer only calculates the Wrap deformers that are in use and leaves all other ones
- New Goatee beard and renamed the smallest stash to "Chaplin". More beards to come!
- all new gender switch based on Cosmicfool's female blendshapes:
  - now with independent breast-, waist and hip settings and slim-large on the female version
  - breast ctrl on the female version
    (that one is a bit slow still because I used Clusters, maybe there is a better possibility?)