Sunday, January 1, 2012

Version 1.0 released!

Hi all!
I finally managed to get rid of all (well, at least most of) the bugs, and am able to call this the version 1.0. I wanted to add some more customizations, but, alas, didn't have the time for it :( But that will come, hopefully in a very short time :D

What I did address were many bugs, but also some things on the wishlist, like:
-clenchable jaw muscles
-adams apple incl. chin swell
-nose flare
-twist attributes for the IK limbs incl. toggleable polevectors
-toggleable volume preservation for the torso and for the limbs
-eye deformer
-cranked up the facial shapes, so you can go even more extreme
-added inflatable lips, please be aware that this option may produce some undesired shapes together with the roll in/out of the lips. Still working on that :/

What I didn't add yet were some more customizations like fat, buff, new beards, hairstyles, etc also I didn't manage to add object space for the elbows (sorry Camaro) because of an untraceable dependency cycle and no movable hairline (yet) because this would mean some extra work modeling, too.

What I didn't modify either was the stretch on the elbow pinning, because since I have to reverse-engineer this rig (which has been made by Angelo, now rigger at iAnimate) I could only partly find out how this pinning has been done, and every attempt to modify this to work without stretching has been in vain. So, if you want to use the elbow pinning, please bear in mind, that a) this feature is still experimental and b) you need the pole vector to be turned on for this.

I've released two versions of the rig:
the plain v1.0 is just the rig, and nothing but the rig, none of the additional "history" of the rig included, and best for most animators, and an edit pack, that includes all available blendshapes, etc.

Please note that this new version is only partly compatible to animations done on the older RC1 version.

I hope you'll have fun, and if you encounter any bugs, or have any other wishes, don't hesitate to send them to me either via the bugtracker on the elevenrig blog or the 11secoundclub forum thread.


Wolfi (who now goes to bed very tiredly :D)


  1. Hey, great stuff, good to see this get updated!

    I'm using Maya 2012 and I'm having an issue with the F.K. arms and the I.K/F.K. switching from the GUI.

    Whenever I switch the arm from IK to FK it moves the arm backwards. Each time I toggle back and forth, it adds more rotation, moving the arm further and further back. it appears that the rotation values on the FK controls (or the underlying bones) haven't been zero'd out/frozen. You might want to check that out.

    Also, the hip_IK_control moves the feet when I rotate it. e.g. If I rotate z, it lifts one foot up and pushes one through the floor.

    Thanks for the rig, all the best..

  2. darn, I should have looked at that, had this problem on the last version as well :D
    Thanks for the heads up! I'll update the rig asap.

  3. okay, I had a look at it, and it seems that switching between IK and FK via the GUI always tries to match the rotation, which leads to very odd rotations (like 180°) and unfortunately, this is something that Camaro has to fix, I guess he'd need to rework the GUI anyway, since this is a new release of the character. Don't know if he has time for it, though :( So sorry, the only option I have for you now is not to use the GUI for the IK/FK switching.

  4. And about the Hip IK ctrl, I cannot find the bug you were talking about... When I rotate it, the legs stay on the ground or lift up if the automatic leg stretch is turned off.
    Can you be more precise? Thanks!

  5. Hey,
    Do you mind if I use Eleven for my short film this year? It is about a brother and sister and will be similar to Tom & Jerry. Most likely the finished film will show up on the internet, but there is a chance it will do the festival circuits.

  6. Hi!
    I do not mind at all! Please do so, and have fun using it :D You might want to consider (for your own good, too) posting the progress you make on the 11secondclub forums to get some valuable feedback :D

  7. hi sir i have downloaded you rig for some project but not been able to find ik\fk\ arms switch all i was able to do was just to change lower arm ik\fk. how can i change arm to fk so that i can control it from shoulder not just from elbow... thanx in advance

    1. Hi!
      I can only suggest you watch the two tutorial videos, most issues that might arise are explained there.