Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Motion builder Version online

Hi all!

I was pretty surprised to find that Antonin Delboy created a motion builder version of eleven! 

He asked us to test it and give Feedback for to him, so if someone with experience in Motion Builder has some spare time, I'm very sure he'd appreciate. 

I added the rig to the download list as a first beta version.

Thanks Antonin!


  1. Anto, can you put up a screenshot or two of the rig?

    1. I know some people that will get into the eleven second club competition this month, .. with this rig.
      eg :


      I hope you will get more than screenshots :)

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  4. Wahou ! Merci Antonin !
    C'est vraiment du bon boulot et ça fait vraiment plaisir de voir arriver des petits Rigs sous Mobu! :)

    C'est chouette, vraiment...

    Ps: Serait-il possible d'avoir un character féminin pour lui donner la réplique ?

    1. Hello everyone,
      if you want to have a female looking character, just select the handle called "Eleven" and go the custom properties : there are some sliders to adjust the Body mesh. There is also a slider for the female looking face in the Facial panel.
      have fun.


  5. Can this rig be used for a commercial project?

  6. Is the Motion Builder version down? I can't download it, when I click on the link it directs me to a Dropbox error page:
    Error (403)
    It seems you don't belong here! You should probably sign in. Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home.

    Help? :( I was planning to use this rig for my DemoReel at school to get my diploma...