Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blender Version 1.3 relesed!

Hi all!

Just in time for Christmas, Pascal released the new version 1.3 for Blender!

You can read the bugfixes in the changelog post to the left of this one.

Thank you Pascal!


  1. blender rig is awesome! Is there any chance that you will make a howto tutorial about it? :)

    1. you mean a video tutorial ?
      I can't speak english, but I can answer your questions here if you have any.

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  3. Hi! I used the Eleven rig of blender version 1.3 and there is a little problem that when I rotate the body, the eyebrows go into the face.
    like this


  4. Pascal is doing a great job! Hope he can fix the problems soon and add the gender change. That is very useful!

  5. What's the license?

  6. Hello Pascal,
    I was looking to link Eleven rig in blender, as i want to make two character shot using two elven rig in a scene, also i am in plans to add few props(armor) for eleven rig, can you please help me out

  7. Hi, I was just started to use Blender not long ago, so I still have many things to learn, so this maybe just me being stupid, but how do I move the eyelids? I found the controller of eyelids but moving them is not moving the eyelids, I can see this is old post, I cannot find anything online, so I hope someone can help me on this...